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eyespine represents the music and multimedia artwork created by Australian artist, Greg Peterkin.

All stages of music production, from recording and composition through to mastering, graphic design and publication are all done by Greg in eyespine studio, located in the city of Adelaide, South Australia .

eyespine has been producing tracks and performing live electronica since 1992 and although the majority of the work is archived and unreleased, eyespine tracks have been included on notable Australian CD compilations and eyespine has performed at festivals and club venues across Australia, ranging from the biggest of Australia's events, such as Sydney's, 'Big Day Out' music festival and the 'Vibes On A Summer's Day' festival, through to some of the smallest, 'underground' parties and clubs.

Recent times has seen a resurgence of music production after a period of absence from the studio, and distribution & licencing opportunities are currently being sought.

eyespine tracks presents as rich and unique electronic journeys which flow and fold between genres without being easily definable to one group. Tracks are complex and engaging, produced with the utmost attention to detail.

All elements of the content production showcased within this web site, including the composition and recording, mastering & CD production, web design & graphic imagery, as well as the loopmixer software design and interface development have been produced solely by Greg Peterkin at eyespine studio in Adelaide.

All works are registered as ©Greg Peterkin (100% ownership) with the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA).

All sounds and images are original creations by eyespine, There are no licencing or copyright issues involving any other parties for these works and the works have not been commercially distributed or licenced/released.

contact eyespine@me.com with any enquiries about these tracks, or more music or info from eyespine.